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Tid Bits of Info

The following are some Tid Bits of Info that enlighten: some prove “old wise tales” false while others shed light on interesting facts that might influence your actions.  Enjoy!

  • The average Thanksgiving dinner contains an average of 2400-3000 calories.  This does not include any snacks or appetizers.
  • Turkey is a great low fat source of protein.
  • To burn off the calories of one piece of pecan pie with whip cream, you have to walk more than 5 miles.
  • Turkey does not make you drowsy.  The total calories consumed on Thanksgiving Day (many carbohydrates) are responsible for the drowsiness.
  • Sweet potatoes are thought to have anti-inflammatory capabilities.
  • The average person will gain only one pound during the Thanksgiving holiday season.
  • If you don’t strength train on a regular basis, you can lose up to 85% of your muscle strength by the age of 65.
  • Muscle cannot turn in to fat or vice versa.
  • The heart pumps approximately 2000 gallons of blood per day.
  • The heart beats more than 100,000 x per day.
  • Sit ups will not give you a “flat” stomach and can actually harm the low back if they are performed improperly.
  • The average person walks more than 100,000 miles during their life time.
  • Studies indicate that children’s activity levels will closely correlate to that of their parents.
  • Regular, consistent exercise can help to keep your heart healthy by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • When running, you can land on one foot with the pressure of up to 7x your body weight.  The  average is 3-4 x your body weight.
  • Cross training is a good way to prevent injuries,
  • Regular exercise can help you control your weight by elevating your metabolism even after you stop the exercise routine for a given day.
  • New studies that include hundreds of thousands of people show that eggs have no effect on heart disease in otherwise healthy individuals.