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Tid Bits of Info

  • The benefits of exercise can control and in some instances resolve Type II diabetes.
  • Cardiovascular exercise can improve heart performance and extend your life.
  • Exercise reduces stress and decreases the detrimental effects of the “stress” hormone, cortisol.
  • Strength training exercises can reduce the natural muscle loss that occurs with the normal aging process.
  • Physical Therapists can help you develop an exercise routine that is just for you.

Our world feels “out of control.” Some people are stressed; some people are angry; some people are fearful. Many of us aren’t sure what to think. A regular fitness plan can help order one aspect of our lives and give some relief from the ongoing sense of chaos. The benefits of exercise include reduced stress, more energy, and can even bring a sense of happiness.

benefits of exercise

Over time, consistent participation can result in multiple health benefits of exercise, improving your overall outlook and quality of life.

Feel Better:  Your ability to cope with the current conditions in life oftentimes extends into the way that you feel.  When you begin to exercise and your body begins to move more easily, your breath more freely and you feel better all over.  This is when you begin to realize how badly you felt prior to your participation in a consistent exercise routine.

Energy level rise:  When you exercise, you get energized.  The body depends on sugars to burn as an energy source for the cells of the body.  When you exercise, there is a natural release of many different types of sugar into the bloodstream.  These sugars will help to raise your energy level.  Also, if you perform an exercise program that elevates your heart rate, you will “pump” more oxygen throughout your body.  The elevated oxygen levels will make you more alert and feel very “alive.”

Pain levels reduce: When you exercise, your joint temperature rises.  This makes the fluid inside the joint less viscous and the soft tissues more pliable.  When the body is “warmed up” there is less pain.  Also, if the intensity of the exercise routine is adequate, there can be a release of endorphins into the bloodstream. These are known as the body’s natural painkiller.

Heart disease and diabetes are controlled:  Performing a consistent exercise routine can help to reduce the incidence of coronary artery disease.  The cardiovascular exercises help to strengthen the heart which is a muscle.  A strong heart leads to an increase in cardiac output and more efficient cardiovascular performance.

Type II diabetes (adult-onset) is usually associated with above-average BMI and a generally deconditioned individual.  A sound exercise program can help the body utilize sugar by increasing its ability to use insulin. This increased insulin sensitivity will reduce excess sugar in Type II diabetic patients.

Sleep better:  It has been well documented how important it is to get a sound sleep for 8-10 hours per night.  The exercise routine helps to make you tired.   It can help to reduce stress, “burn” energy, and increase your chances of sleeping more soundly.  Sound sleep that progresses through the 4 stages of the sleep cycle and enters the 3rd and  4th stage enables the body to heal any damaged tissue and aide in developing a stronger immune system.

Participation in an exercise routine on a consistent basis can significantly change the quality of your life.  You will feel better and in many instances, you can control or resolve many health issues that can develop when exercise is not part of someone’s life.

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