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The benefits of exercise are immense, both physically and mentally. Physical activity is instrumental at any time of day; however, recent research suggests that the best benefits come from timing exercise to match our body’s circadian rhythm. Exercise timed to fit your body’s circadian rhythm is referred to as Chrono exercise.

These times are as unique to each individual as their genetic code, but can sometimes be determined by whether you are an “Early Bird” or a “Night Owl.” Regardless of your preferences, there are multiple benefits to understanding and aligning your workouts to gain the optimum benefits.

Check out the known benefits of Chrono Exercise and see why the timing of your workout matters:

  • Mental Health. A workout in the morning boosts mood and reduces stress by increasing endorphin release. Getting your fitness routine started early sets you up for a good mood and is a great reason to wake up early.
  • Better Fitness Performance. Exercising at certain times of the day when your body temperature and hormone levels are naturally high benefits our health. Our bodies are more alert and responsive depending on the time of day you choose to exercise.
  • High-Quality Sleep. Our circadian rhythms become regulated and promote quality sleep depending on the time of day we exercise. Knowing the right time of day to engage in exercising will affect our sleep-wake cycles. Chrono exercise improves our overall health and immune system function.
  • Improve Circadian Health. Exercising according to your body’s internal clock is vital to maintain good circadian health. There is a link between a well-regulated circadian rhythm and improved metabolic, hormonal, digestive, and immune functions.

Chrono exercise times will depend on the individual circadian rhythms. Take into consideration your lifestyle, work schedule, and preferences, and reflect on if you are experiencing quality sleep or when you detect a rise in core body temperature for helping to determine the best timing for your body. Developing a plan that works for you alongside a physical therapist or healthcare provider sets you up for the best success.

Consult an ACE physical therapist about your Chrono fitness routine so we can enhance your health and well-being. We are here to help!

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