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The Abruzzos

We just think the world of the therapists and staff. They go far beyond what needs to be done to get you back to your normal life

The Abruzzos

A Family Affair, Herndon, VA

For one Herndon family, ACE Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Institute is truly a family affair. Mom Tracy, and daughters, Sara, and Julianne, have all been to the Institute for therapy. In fact, since they were all going there at the same time, they carpooled!

“I was first, needing therapy for a herniated disk in my upper back,” says Tracy, a jazzercise instructor. “Then Julianne tore her ACL in basketball and needed to rehab it. Sara went for stress fractures in her foot and later a meniscus injury from dancing. At one time, we were all riding to therapy together. I guess that says a lot about how we feel about ACE Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Institute.” Says a lot, too, about Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Institute’s willingness to work out scheduling for an active, always on-the-go family.

After surgery to repair her ACL, both Julianne’s surgeon and her basketball coach recommended the sport therapy program at ACE Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Institute for her rehabilitation. “They designed exercises and routines that got me back on the floor quickly, and I’ve made a complete recovery,” Julianne says. “I worked with Tonya, who played basketball herself. She even came to one of my games to watch me play and see how I was moving and using my knee. That was really special. I like them so much I sometimes just drop in to say hi.”

Sara, too, says the people are what make ACE Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Institute special, adding that the therapists don’t just tell you what you need to do to get better. They explain why you need to do certain routines and work with you to get there. “Plus, they take the time to find out about your interests, what you like to do, and what you’re going to do for the weekend. Things like that…they take a personal interest in everybody. For us, they’re family.”

As to the carpooling, Mom Tracy adds: “I think they used us as a model for other families and that’s great.”

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