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Workplace Injury Rehabilitation

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While athletes want to return their pre-injury status as soon as possible, employers and injured workers have an even greater motivation to do so. ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute is a leader in industrial rehabilitation programs that can help prevent and reduce work-related injuries. Like our other therapy services, we excel in evaluating and returning injured workers to employment as soon as possible.

Our services include:

FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY EVALUATION – determine appropriate job placement that match an employee’s physical level with the physical requirements of the job. This industrial assessment tool also helps:

  • Determine an employee’s readiness to return to work after an injury and the restrictions or modifications that may be necessary.
  • Assist the employer and physician improve the employee’s health and job performance.

WORK CONDITIONING AND HARDENING – help return employees to the pre-injury status. Designed for specifically for each employee and based on required job duties and the nature of injury, activities focus on strengthening and aerobic demands to increase the likelihood of a successful return to work. Employees perform simulated work tasks in a controlled environment.